Team History

Beginning Experience Hudson Valley began as the Westchester Beginning Experience team.  It  was originally formed under the sponsorship  of the Long Island team in October, 1985 with Madeline Blaney  as President.  The NY Archdiocesan Office of Family Life contributed $1,500 to the team as ‘seed money’.

Our first Weekend was held January 31-February 2, 1986 at Mariondale in Ossining  and had twenty-four participants.  The seven Westchester team members were assisted by six Long Island team members.  The Weekend was a success and we asked four participants to join the team.  Two more Weekends were held in 1986.

We continued to have three Weekends per year and in 1987 we became an autonomous team.  We had enough team members to do all the Weekends and the Long Island team affirmed our growth in the BE process.
Fr. Jim Smith (from the Long Island team) continued as the Weekend spiritual advisor until 1988, when Fr. Donan McGovern was asked to join the team.  Donan has been an active and supportive member/spiritual advisor for over 21 years in addition to his priestly duties (and living in Boston, MA).

Our first Continued Beginnings program was held after the Spring Weekend of 1989.  Since then, our team has held a CB program after each Weekend.   The six-week program begins one month after the Weekend and has been proven to be of significant value to participants and team in reinforcing the skills of the Weekend and, for some participants, facilitating their reaching closure.

Beginning Experience Hudson Valley does not limit its activities to the BE ministry but reaches out to enrich and revitalize the lives of its members.  These activities include:  Days of Renewal, Team Building day and Agape.

Over the years, our Team has grown and changed.  We now do two Weekends and two Continued Beginning programs per year.   We have been blessed with dedicated, capable, enthusiastic, willing members and leadership.  Many members and boards have come and gone but everyone has made a memorable contribution to the Team.

The Westchester Beginning Experience team was renamed to Beginning Experience Hudson Valley in 2009 in acknowledgement that we serve not just  Westchester county, but all of the Hudson Valley (including Northern New Jersey).