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When you invest in this ministry, you help restore the light of hope for those who are grieving the loss of a marriage--their own or that of their parents.

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After my divorce I was in tough shape. As a Beginning Experience team member, I saw people in even worse shape. But during a weekend program, they were able to connect with people again on a heart-to-heart basis.

This ministry gives people the strength to open that internal door and let the world in again, expose themselves to risk again, to live life again. I saw the same transformations again and again.

I work in finance. In the real world, people put a price on change like that. I believe I have an obligation to keep this experience alive for others, to sustain a ministry that has such tremendous value.

The new participant coming to his or her first weekend has no idea of the phenomenal benefit they will gain. I don't know if I will ever be able to repay this ministry for what I have received.

--Andy O'Connor, Binghamton, NY