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Divorced and Widowed Ministry in the News

Beginning Experience International Ministry, Inc., Beginning Experience teams, or individuals involved in the ministry may be featured in print or electronic media articles about grief, the loss of a marriage, or single-parent families.  Here are some of these stories.

Program Brings Hope in Face of Loss

By Mike Latona/Catholic Courier

After his wife of 45 years passed away, John Maley encountered fellow parishioners who did not know what to say and coupled friends who hesitated to include him in their gatherings.

When John Shannon became divorced, his best friend stopped calling him.

Sue Harriman, who also is divorced, became inactive in the Catholic Church because she felt she no longer fit in.

Thanks to Beginning Experience, however, all three have found compassion, emotional support and spiritual strength to help them through their struggles.

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Bishop David A. Zubik: We don’t toss out divorced Catholics

By Bishop David A. Zubik

Let’s clear up one thing right away: a civil divorce does not prevent a Catholic from full participation in the life of the church, including celebrating Mass and receiving Communion. If someone has told you different, happily, they are very wrong!

It’s possible that readers of Sunday’s Post-Gazette might not understand this. A story picked up from The New York Times (“As Vatican Revisits Divorce, Faithful Long for Acceptance”) left that simple truth unclear.


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Beginning Experience Helps Mend Broken Hearts After Divorce

by Susan Olp

After Juanita Hooper went through a divorce in 1992, she found a way to begin again.

Hooper attended a weekend retreat in 1993 sponsored by Beginning Experience, a nondenominational ministry that helps widowed, separated and divorced people come to grips with their loss.

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Bishop Taylor ordains Fort Smith widower to priesthood


SUBIACO — The Dec. 20 ordination of Father Jack Sidler had major significance for the Diocese of Little Rock.

The oldest seminarian at Sacred Heart Seminary in Hales Corner, Wis., and the 70-year-old grandfather was ordained at Subiaco Abbey by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor. He also is the only priest in the Diocese of Little Rock who is a widower.

Father Sidler chose to be ordained at St. Benedict Church to be close to his Benedictine roots and his home parish, Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Barling.

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Beginning Experience Helps Widowed, Divorced Find Peace

By Denis Grasska

SAN DIEGO — Mary Clement and Robert J. Clark have both lost spouses.

Clement lost her husband of 33 years when he died after being seriously ill for a year and a half. Clark lost his wife when the couple divorced after 12 years of marriage.

In both cases, a relationship died. And, in both cases, Beginning Experience was able to bring healing and peace where there had previously been only pain and suffering.

Beginning Experience is an international ministry that provides the widowed, divorced and separated with an opportunity to move beyond their grief.

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