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Divorced and Widowed Ministry in the News

Beginning Experience International Ministry, Inc., Beginning Experience teams, or individuals involved in the ministry may be featured in print or electronic media articles about grief, the loss of a marriage, or single-parent families.  Here are some of these stories.

Organization helps broken-hearted love again

By Mary Whalen

From the Bluff County Reader, Feb. 14, 2011

February opens our minds and hearts to reflect on the love relationships of our lives. Emotional energy moves toward people who are tucked deeply in our hearts. Special tokens of love's presence are bestowed upon spouses, parents, children, relatives and special friends.

Remembrances of love relationships lost through death, separation or divorce also emerge at this time of the year.

Dean Klema of Fountain [Minnesota} shares how an organization called Beginning Experience (BE) enabled him to move forward with his life after suffering this trauma of brokenness. He encourages readers to consider looking into BE programs where they can find assistance in the healing process. BE allows grieving people to find thoughtful closure and movement into a future of wholeness either alone or in a new relationship.

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Beginning Experience: Help for grieving singles

From the Pittsburgh Catholic


Widowed, separated or divorced? Don’t know where to turn? Struggling with grief or loss?

When distress, despair, anger or grief are trivialized, dismissed and remain unresolved, life may seem unfulfilled and aimless. The loss of self-esteem, together with feelings of sadness or bitterness, becomes a way of life. Well-meaning people advise, “Get over it,” but it is just not happening.

Sometimes the pain of the loss of a loved one, either by death, separation or divorce, cannot be overcome quickly or easily. It has become a habit to utter, “I am OK” when asked, but inside there is a heavy heart.

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Weekends for divorced, widowed returning to Arkansas

From the Arkansas Catholic


FORT SMITH -- When widower Jim Bolt, a parishioner of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Rogers, went on a Beginning Experience weekend in April, he thought he'd been through all the grief of losing his wife to a three-year struggle with lung cancer. Instead, he learned a lot about himself.

"When I left the weekend I felt alive for the first time since my wife's death," Bolt said. "I went, I saw, and I came away a believer."

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