Governance of Beginning Experience International Ministry, Inc.

Beginning Experience International Ministry, Inc. is governed by an International Board of Directors responsible for maintaining program integrity; the financial health, growth and development of the ministry; and overseeing its legal and ethical responsibilities. The International Board maintains an International Ministry Center staffed with an Executive Director charged with day-to-day operation of the ministry:

  1. Monitors program integrity, trademark and copyright compliance
  2. Establishes and certifies local teams to present ministry programs
  3. Provides training, technical and material support to teams in local communities
  4. Monitors the quality of local team service
  5. Holds the U.S. federal tax exempt status for the entire organization
  6. Maintains registration of the trademarks and copyrights
  7. Connects with the Church and other ministries and organizations at the national/international level
  8. Funded through team stewardship and participant fees, gifts, product sales and special events
  9. Delegates responsibilities for the ministry in Great Britina and Ireland and in the Asia Pacific to a Regional Board in each of those areas.
Each local team is:
  1. Composed of trained volunteers selected from program participants
  2. Affiliated with the International Ministry Center
  3. Certified by the International Ministry Center to present the programs
  4. Responsible for delivery of ministry programs to a given area
  5. Affiliated in a reporting capacity with the local Catholic diocese or, in certain instances and with express permission, another denomination in which it has been formed
  6. Funded through program fees, gifts, product sales and special events
  7. Governed by a board chosen from the membership and charged with maintaining local program integrity and operating the local ministry within the guidelines and policies established by the International Board