2017 Regional Conferences: Water in the Wilderness


 Psalm 107:35 “He changes a wilderness into a pool of water and a dry land into springs of water.”
FOUR Regional Conferences are scheduled throughout the summer
across the United States for North American teams.

Members of the International Board will be your presenters.

Register online by clicking HERE or call 574-283-0279

June 3-4 -- Serra Retreat Center; Malibu, CA
        Register by May 1, 2017: Cost $200
        (includes dinner, overnight, and breakfast)
July 15-16 -- Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center; Fremont, OH
        Register by June 30, 2017: Cost $125
        (includes dinner, overnight, and breakfast)
July 22-23 -- Special Olympics; Grimes, IA
        Register by July 1, 2017: Cost $75
        (includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday)

August 12-13 --Oblate School of Theology: San Antonio, TX
        Register by August 1: Cost $115 double occupancy; $145 single occupancy
        (includes dinner, breakfast, lunch)